About the author

A person has a soul.

Each person has a unique soul.

As a child, I had a favorite game: I made up stories for my dolls, depending on the characteristics of their soul. I knew for sure that each of them had a story, and lived with its unique feelings. Among the other children I was uncomfortable. Their games were not clear for me. I was running away from Kindergarten.

No wonder that later I studied education, history and law. From 1985 to 1991 I was teaching high school. In my spare time I was artistic director at the House of Culture. I also sang in the folk choir. The sound of the choir singing is an amazing experience for the soul!

After that I received a diploma in psychology, studied psychotherapeutic techniques, including psychoanalysis, esoterics, and I am familiar with astrology. I have done intensive study in several religions and spiritual practices. For 30 years I have been regularly practicing yoga.

At this time, I find myself very close to Irvine Yalom’s existential psychotherapy.

In 1995, in St.Petersburg, Russia, I created a school of psychic and spiritual self-regulation for adults called «Pyramid». We offered meditative courses, group training, as well as group and individual psychotherapy sessions.

Between 1999 and 2014, ten of my books were published. Some went through several editions, and now you can even read them on Internet. My pen name is «El Tat». It was conceived unexpectedly, along with my immersion in the mystery of ancient Egyptian history and culture.

Born under the constellation of Capricorn in the year of the Bull (1962), I always wanted to do something important and significant for the human soul. Nowadays, I understand fully that the most important thing in life is what one does for one’s soul. In any and each activity, only the experience that the soul records is important. The greatest happiness, in my opinion, lies in retaining one’s essence or excitement factor. Then it becomes infinitely interesting to live in the world.

I intend to write a few more books, summarizing my experience as a practicing psychologist.

My topics will be:

— Parental syndrome
— Fear, anxiety, stress
— Kabbalistic construction of the world from the viewpoint of the psychology of the spiritual path
— Psychosomatics (preservation of health and prolongation of quality life)